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Equipment Review: Arva EVO5 Avalanche Transceiver

Whether we like it or not, skiing freeride is dangerous - avalanches have come and go, and will go. We cannot cancel them and therefore we must do everything possible to reduce the likelihood of getting into them and their negative impact on our lives. Using avalanche sensors (beeper) helps to quickly find a person who has got into an avalanche. Arva company specializing in avalanche equipment in the new season presents a new beeper - Evo5.

The beeper has two tasks: to generate a signal by which they can find the owner of the beeper that has fallen into the avalanche and to search for the signal when searching for the bearer who has hit the avalanche. All. The beeper should not do anything else. Therefore, a good beeper is that beeper with the help of which its owner can quickly find the victim and by which he himself can be quickly found. All. It is clear that in the Beeper-Free Rider combination, the search speed depends on the Beeper and the Free-rider: an inexperienced skater even with a very good beeper can find nothing - an experienced one will find it quickly even with the simplest. But what is a good beeper?

Recently, all the beeders within the scope of the search and signal generation problem have been approximately the same: all digital and all three-antenna with very few exceptions regarding highly specialized models. According to the characteristics, they are also all alike. By compatibility, they are all compatible with each other and even in this aspect there is nothing to improve. As a result, it turns out that all the innovations in the field of beeper recently associated exclusively with the addition of additional "necessary" functions in the form of the ability to update firmware via BlueTooth, reducing weight and size and lowering the price. Each company goes its own way: Pieps, for example, goes in the direction of adding value by adding useless functions, BCA goes in the direction of simplifying functionality for the sake of lowering the price, Arva, which specializes in avalanche equipment and already has some good, but rather bulky beep models in lineup, went her own way and worked to reduce the size of the beeper. As a result, a new model EVO 5.

The new model removed all unnecessary to the maximum without losing the effectiveness of the main functionality. One finger battery. For comparison, to understand, most beevers work on three or two. Yes, of course, the battery life is reduced, but let's be realistic: beepers with three batteries work for several seasons and the batteries in them change, rather, not because they are exhausted from work, but because they lost their charge from the fact that they lay for a long time idle or simply because "it would be nice to change before the season." Personally, I myself have never ridden a battery resource in a beeper a lot during the season. It does not have BlueTooth, but as a katala practitioner, I don’t understand why and who needs it. It does not have a slope angle meter, a signal calibrator, or other nonsense stuff. But there is everything that can really be useful: group search, victim marking, indication of a “reversal” in the search, there is an intuitive and simple interface and, most interestingly, there is a very small size.

The beeper is very pleasant, ergonomic and comfortable in the hand. If we consider the beeper exclusively as a device necessary to increase riding safety, then the model is more than sufficient and interesting. Again, if you ride three to four weeks a year, and even this is already a lot, why do you need three batteries and a month or more of battery life without replacement? Well, even if we assume that you are leaving for a long time in areas remote from civilization in which you can’t buy batteries, then there is no problem taking spare ones with you. Indeed, for a beeper in which there are three batteries, you still carry three batteries, well, take the same three for this and let two lie in a backpack in a tent or shelter, and the third will be in it. In terms of service life, the same thing will turn out, but the size of the gain is substantial.

This is not the first small beeper. Let me remind you that earlier Pieps already produced a beeper of this size - Micro, but in addition to the size there were a lot of different functionalities that significantly increased the cost and brought this model to the category of elite equipment and its mass use seemed vague. In this case, there is nothing superfluous in the device and there is hope that the price will be pleasant and comfortable.

I ride for a long time and I myself have more than one beeper, and as a result, I myself came to the conclusion that the most important thing in a beeper is ease of use. It is real everyday use. You search very rarely, and carry the beeper in your pocket or under the jacket all the time. And the size in this aspect is in the first place. Personally, I’ve been tired of riding with a suitcase under my ribs for a long time and have the appearance of a pregnant cow and I want a small beeper in the mortise pocket of my pants. This model is interesting to me. If the price is good, and we will find out about this after the start of sales, then I am ready to think about it appearing with me.