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Elan Ibex (Seson 2017 - 2018)

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Elan always had a lot of skis for ski tour. Most popular model is Ripstick. But in mountaneering and pro ski tour Elan never were so successfull. So Elan decided to fix it.

In season 17-18 Elan's lineup was optimized. Some models were removed and only key positions stayed. Freeride lineup were shortened regardless that there was only one model - Boomerang. Ski tour lineup also get smaller. But despite this all serieses are much more clear now, they simply removed all unnesesery things. In new Ibex series there are only 5 skis that are 2 models with difference only in waist width.

There are only 2 widths: 84 and 94 mm:
- ibex84 - the most simple model for people who have simple approach to ski tour and who doing it only for pleasure.
- ibex84 carbon - lighter then previous one.
- ibex84 carbon XLT - lightest model with 84 waist for pro mountaneering.
- ibex94 carbon - carbon skis with 94 waist.
- ibex94 carbon XLT - top model, ultra light and 94 waist.

Nearly every company nowdays has such skis and it is difficult tot make something unique. Elan has their thing- it is ibex94 carbon XLT- folding skis. This skis was developed for army and still in the design, but Elan want to sell them. That is interesting thing but not too interesting for regular skiers.

t's quite difficult to judge how IBEX line is interesting for skiers because the skis are not exactly cathegory and the range of their consumers is very relative to the ski industry, but the very fact that Elan works in this direction suggests that the company has experience in this environment which it can be used in the development of interesting skaters for skiers, for example, skiing for freeride in which skiers are much clearer and close.