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Ski Collection Review: Elan Element at ISPO 2018

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Elan is arguably the most technological ski manufacturer. In each end, every ski collection they produce there is always something new and technological. Doesn't matter how well it works. This season Elan presented a new ski collection called Element. It uses a technology, that in fact has already been tested before.

Not so long ago, namely season 14/15, Elan made junior skis with a technology that used perpendicular notches in order to make a ski less stiff and easily bendable. This season Elan gave this technology a name - Groove tech. It has a very interesting effect. Anywhere a skier applies pressure on, the ski bends just where it should - at the centre of the ski, making a perfect curve. As a result, a skier can make any mistakes at applying pressure, the ski will make a good curve anyways.

With no doubt, the ski is designed purely for beginners because they value the ability of a ski to forgive mistakes. The notches are allocated in a way that makes this possible - at the tail and at the shovel the distance between the notches is greater than at the waist. This way a skier understands how to carve properly and what he or she should feel when carving.

There are two models in the collection - for men and for women. Each has two colour schemes which make it easier to choose a right ski for your jacket. Other parameters are also for beginners - length is 168 cm and the turn radius is 13 meters. Not fast, not overloading - exactly what beginners require for a good introduction to skiing.

There is nothing of a great interest when it comes to the ski's compound. Everything is designed for the first couple of rides so that the beginner understands whether he or she wants to improve or is it better to give up on skiing entirely. Advanced and experts have no need in this ski, there is no drive or dynamics whatsoever. The ski is a perfect choice for rental services, for there is no need to really buy this ski because it has no long-term advantage. It is much better to rent the ski, have a couple of rides, and then if you find that you enjoy skiing, to buy another model.

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