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Carving basics

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    Second level. Carving basics - Introduction.

    Before you begin to engage in the development of carving for yourself you should clearly understand the following points:


    Second level. Carving basics.

    So, you have mastered the previous course and can confidently ride a parallel ski hills without losing any integrity and not receiving moral and psychological overload. Of course, sometimes on very steep slopes you anxious, but you already know what to do and how about to go down. Now it's time to move on and develop the next increment of the ski technique.


    Second level. Mastering the carve arc turn.

    The first thing we need to learn is the foundation of carving - carve arc. This is the element on which the whole modern technology is based and which is nessesary for correct application and use of modern skiing. I have to say that everything we will deal with at this stage will be different from what you already know only that ski would move without cross slipping. Everything else will be same.


    Second level. Learn how to unload a leading ski at the end of the turn.

    With the hope that you have mastered one curved arc and your traces is straight and parallel tracks of the same radius, we can continue to move to the tops of technical skiing.


    Second level. Learning of the skill of entering the turn.

    After you mastered the exercise in elementary carved arcs you can move to the binding of these carve turns in the path and start to go down the slope, not across. But in order to get it simply and effectively, it is a difficult one to master movement - forward move of the inner legs on turn entry. Let's work out the issue.


    Second level. Simple carve turns.

    We now turn to the immediate outbreak of turns and construct a sequence of elementary movements in the simplest of their implementation. Or, we need to try to make a bunch of turns at conducting skis to get not one arc across the slope, to have a few arcs along the slope interconnected.


    Second level. Learning of skill of ligaments the turns.

    So we learned how to do basic bunch of carving turns. Let's learn how to make it more dynamic and examine how we can do it on steeper slopes.


    Second level. Conclusion.

    Now, when we gathered carving turn you need to understand what to do next to improve and develop your skiing technique. Let's answer on this question: what to do next?