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Armada Tracer (Season 2017-2018)

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This year Armada has a lot of new features and reworked products. Tracer series is a new series that includes several reworked old models that belongs to one concept. This new series of skis crucially changes Armada's vector of development and opens new possibilities for usage.

For a long time Armada has been considered as a freestyle and freeski orientired company. Soft twin tip skis for riding in the snow park and beside it. But company has to move forvard and produce different skis for different purposes, what's how appeared such skis as Norwak, Kufo and TST. Especially Kufo were strictly out of the freestyle concept. In this season Armada has decided to move further and made a series of skis for fast technical riding and ski touring.

Tracer is series of skis for backcountry, fast riding with some touring and climbing. Lightweight with straightened sidecut, smooth tip rocker and with almost no tail rocker. Series consist of several similar models with different waists: 88, 98, 108, 118. Waist of skis identifies ther purpose: you valuate descend - choose wide waist, and vice versa.

Those who have been familiar with Armada skis for a long time knows that not twin tip skis with 88 waist is not common Armada's product. Therefore Armada has starded new branch of their products. Tracer 88 is purely ski tour skis.

98 could be considered as a female skis or skis for riding on a hard pack there edge grip is much more importand than floating. But do not think about this skis as about good skis for carving on velvet.

108 model is more versatile option for riding in different mountains. Such geometry can float in a powder and provide good efficency in ski tour and on hard pack.

118 is for deep snow and big mountain. Mostly for heli skiing or for pros who compete or filming. Skis could be good as first skis for begginers because they will forgive mistakes and float even on a low speed. But this skis could reach their full potential only on te legs of professional skier, who will feel all advantages of this skis.

To sum up this is an expected move from Armada. Greate skis for fans of this company who want skis for fast riding and not for freestyle.