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    Elan Ibex (Seson 2017 - 2018)

    Elan always had a lot of skis for ski tour. Most popular model is Ripstick. But in mountaneering and pro ski tour Elan never were so successfull. So Elan decided to fix it.


    Armada ARV (Season 2017-2018)

    Another new series of skis from Armada. It also one of the previuos serieses but all skis was reworked. They took old series and changed fillings. So think for yourself is it a new series or a old one. But let's have a closer look to this series and let's find out what to expect from it.


    Armada Tracer (Season 2017-2018)

    This year Armada has a lot of new features and reworked products. Tracer series is a new series that includes several reworked old models that belongs to one concept. This new series of skis crucially changes Armada's vector of development and opens new possibilities for usage.


    ISPO rewiev

    Everything good sometimes ends. The main exebition of skiing industry has also ended and left lots of memories and emotions. We always have tons of information in our heads during ISPO but only the brightest ones stays for a long time. What is the essence of this ISPO?