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    Gear review: Rossignol 7Series HD (season 2016-17)

    Rossignol sets challenging puzzle - how to talk about new models if there is no new models? A long-term stagnation and crisis in the direction of new developments continues. Up to a certain point, all changes were only design changes, but such changes were reduced to a minimum. But still there is something new in this season.


    Gear review: BCA trancievers (season 2016-17)

    For a long time BCA company has been seriously engaged by the production of avalanche equipment and in its lineup there is only characteristic of practical utility model - no marketing and innovations for new products. In the line there are only necessary and sufficient equipment and that's why review can have several meanings - to tell about the product and to make an excursion to the variety of inventory types. Let's dive in and look at what is what.


    Gear review: Liberty skis (season 2016-17)

    Recently, "garage companies" occupies a special place in the ski industry. They made skis for chosen ones or were a pilot production or research institutes fo branded monsters to who this companies sold their inventions. Time goes by, and "high-tech" equipment for the production of skiing becomes more accessible and "garage" companies are entering the market. One such company - Liberty. What have this company in the new season.


    Gear review: Pieps Micro and new shovel (season 2016-17)

    Unlike skiing in avalanche equipment direction trends appear infrequently and therefore any new device becomes the object of attention of experts and amateurs of off-piste riding. In this season Pieps is in the center attention. Company released two new items: a new tranciever Micro and totally innovative avalanche shovel.


    Gear review: Volkl skis for freeride (season 2016-17)

    Volkl's line is always very big and plentiful. Although it is always easy and simple to deal with it because all models are logical and clear - all very conservative and transparent. Not a lot of new in this season and let's talk about line of skis for freeride - the most confusing line of the company.


    Gear review: Head Monster Series (season 2016-17)

    All Mountain series Monster from Head can't be called new. And not because last year they were but simply dropped out of our attention, but also because it is ancient series and skiers with wide experience of riding and with a good memory probably remember this strange skis that long to get a registration in the categories between ski tour, AllMountain and freeride and gone. And now, the time has come to revive them.


    Gear review: Head Supershape Series (season 2016-17)

    For a long time Head skis for amateur carving combined in a single series Supershape. Skis has been updated and changed since first appearence of this series, but the name of the series and models remains unchanged. In the 16-17 season skis that included in the series have changed again and got some modifications. What exactly has changed and how? Let's find out.


    Gear review: Head skis for freeride (season 2016-17)

    Collection of Head skis for freeride globally hasn't changed for several years, which is understandable because this series is successful. Despite the fact that the series is not new, it was able to get past our attention and now it is time to deal with it.


    Gear review: Scott Scrapper (season 2016-17)

    Scott Scrapper was released not long time ago but they are good and loеs of freerider likes them. In the new season there is a new Scrapper with a waist of 115 mm in the line.


    Gear review: Scott skis for freeride (season 2016-17)

    For Scott freeride is main activity, not only in skis, but also in clothing, protection and other products. No wonder that in this direction products is most interesting and different. Let's look more closely into this category. What awaits us in the line of Scott freeride skis in the 20116-17 season.