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    Ski Test: Volkl Deacon XTD

    Well, fascinating test today. Interesting both because the skis are from the new collection, because the skis are from a category that seems not so interesting at all, so that our testers didn’t want to spend time on it, and because the skis are created for beginners, and when combined with boots with 110 flex it is possible to look at them through the eyes of the people for whom they were created.


    Ski Test: Fischer RcOne 73

    Today we are testing another new model from Fischer from the RcOne series, which made its first appearance this year and replaced its predecessor. It would be sad to find out that these are worse than the last ones because it becomes very annoying to what the trend where new models are significantly worse than the old models.


    Ski Test: K2 Mindbender 90Ti

    It is understandable why the soft allround freeride skis are so popular - such skis are good for both on- and off-piste skiing. The waist width of about 90 is perfect for a piste. If you want more freeride - just take a wider model. In comparison with stiffer on-piste, skis of this category allow smoother skiing on bumpy pistes as well as better control in general. That is why this category is one of the favourites among the most skiers. K2 had many decent skis for backside freeride and ski tourism but never really had allround freeride skis, what would be controllable, soft and dynamic.


    Ski Test: Blizzard Firebird Ti

    Today we are testing a completely new ski by Blizzard - Firebird Ti. This piece of equipment is an allround ski that appeared in this season after Blizzard's renewal of its Firebird collection. There are no expectations about this ski, so let's test it!


    Ski Test: Elan Amphibio 14Ti

    Today we tested an old, but an interesting ski model by Elan - Amphibio 14Ti. We wanted to see if the ski has undergone any (detrimental) changes since the last year and if the ski can still be called one of the best beginner ski out there, taking new models by Elans competitors into account. After all, it is never a bad idea to ski on a good ski.


    Ski Test: DPS Foundation Cassiar F82

    Everything has its purpose and function. But it is not forbidden to use some things not as they were meant to be used. Sometimes such changes yield exciting and unexpected results. So now, let's see what happens when a manufacturer known for ski-touring skis makes a carving ski model.


    Ski Test: Salomon XDR 88Ti


    Ski test: Armada Tracer 98

    Since the last year, Armada Tracer 98 didn't change at all, so this year it was interesting for us to see how this ski performs on a piste. Such freeride and ski-tour ski with a waist narrower than 100mm is bought mainly for frontside freeride - the combination of on- and off-piste riding. However, most of those who test it do this off-piste. Let's fix this mistake and test the ski in on-piste conditions.


    Ski test: Atomic Vantage 97 Ti 18/19

    The idea of a ski that would be equally effective both on- and off-piste has been developing for quite a while. Many skiers want to own such a ski, so many manufacturers want to make such a ski. Some people dream, some people make money off such dreamers. We in our turn are going to test one of such skis - Atomic Vantage 97 Ti.


    Ski test: Dynastar Legend X106

    Today we're testing the new ski from Dynastar in the freeride category - Dynastar Legend X106, checking if our expectations on ISPO and the reality of the skis. On the exhibition, the Legend series seemed too stiff for speedy skiing. Theoretically, the skis possess everything for stable carving at an uneven slope. But reality can't be more different than what appeared after the tests.