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    Ski Test: Atomic Redster G7

    Today we are looking at the junior model in the Atomic's new series for giant slalom - Redster G7. Let's compare it to the other models in the series and with its peers in the beginners' giant slalom.

    Ski testing is the process of a model's detailed comparison with some imaginary standard. In giant slalom's case, such standard should be a ski which is stable at high speed, variable in terms of skiing tempo and grasping at both hard and soft snow. None of these qualities matches with Redster's G7 characteristics.


    Ski rating: GS/RC/XT 2017-18

    This category includes skis for on-piste skiing with medium to large curves. Such skis should be stable at a high speed and be grasping on an icy piste. They must also be controllable on a bumpy and a soft piste, as well as have the variability of turn radius.

    3. Atomic Redster G9

    Third place for high effectiveness at carving turns.


    Ski rating: Freeski 2017-18

    This category refers to the skis that are made for those who prefer on-piste skiing with an occasional deviation from a piste, which does not extend to pure freeride. This means no technique limits, fast carving, sliding manoeuvres, a bit of jumping, and snow park riding. Such skis should be controllable, responsive, and frisky. They must be reliable and predictable, but simultaneously “provoke” a skier to have a crazy, fun ride.

    3. Faction CT4.0


    Ski rating: Frontside 2017-18

    This category includes skis for those who prefer to stay within a resort’s limits but who has no boundaries in terms of terrain. Such skis must be stable and controllable on a hard or an icy piste. Things like vibration damping on a bumpy slope and universality in terms of technique are also of great significance. The skis must allow to easily swap carving on a hard slope with sliding in a soft snow.

    3. K2 Marksman

    Third place for being totally universal and comfortable.


    Ski rating: Backside 2017-18

    This category refers to the skis for freeriding outside of a resort: no lifts, no pistes. The skiing is usually performed in fresh and deep powder. Such skis must be stable and independent from the snow quality. Another important aspect is manoeuvrability, which is very useful on a rough terrain that backside often provides. The skis should also be very light so that it is not that tiresome to skitour or to walk uphill with the skis hanging on a backpack. Backside skis should also be reliable and effective on drops.


    Ski rating: AllMountain 2017-18

    AllMountain - the skis for those who are not lacking in skill to ski on any kind of piste. They must not be limited by the curve radius. Also, such skis have to be controllable on a bumpy piste, grasping on an icy piste, stable at a high speed, dynamic in quick turns, good at maintaining a curve, and comfortable during a sideslip.


    Ski rating: AllRound 2017-18

    This category refers to the simplest and the most widespread skis, designed for recreational skiing: the style that does not imply any determined stylistics, skill, aggression or speed but sets enjoyment as the foremost goal. Skis for this style should be steerable, comfortable, manoeuvrable and independent of snow and piste quality: skiing must be enjoyable in any condition.


    Ski rating: SL/SC 2017-18

    The category contains carving skis. They are intended for on-piste skiing with short and frequent turns. Dynamics, elasticity, and grip are the most important features of such skis.

    3. Elan SLX Fusion

    Third place for controllability, dynamics, and elasticity

    2. Salomon X-Race SW 165