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Ski Test: Salomon QST 92 16/17

Another model from QST series by Salomon. Not the first skis of this series but that fact will not affect on the result of this test. Every ski is unique and we test them regardless of their history. Only test on the slope without worrying about anything else. Let's start.


Ski Test: DPS Foundation Cassiar F82

Everything has its purpose and function. But it is not forbidden to use some things not as they were meant to be used. Sometimes such changes yield exciting and unexpected results. So now, let's see what happens when a manufacturer known for ski-touring skis makes a carving ski model.


Ski Collection Review: Head Kore 18/19 at ISPO 2018

Last season Head presented their new freeride collection called Kore. It featured brand new skis and not upgraded old ones. In practice, they have been proven to be interesting and well designed. This season the collection has a couple of changes. Let’s take a look at them.

Ski test: Fischer Ranger 108Ti 18/19

Fischer Ranger 108Ti is an old ski, where "old" means respected, tested, and perfected. It was tested in all conditions imaginable. But today was special - visibility, snow condition, and many other factors were just right for texting this particular ski. It was the time when a test ride became fun skiing experience.


Ski Test: Fischer Ranger 102FR 18/17

Today we'll test a very interesting ski model: Fischer Ranger 102FR. The ski has two reasons to be that interesting. Firstly, Fischer never had any decent multipurpose freeride ski with a waist width of 102mm, and this is the first ski of such kind. Secondly, this ski looked very promising at ISPO 2018. So let's test the ski in different conditions.


Ski Collection: Fischer Ranger 18/19 at ISPO 2018

Today we'll take a look at a very old ski collection. Not necessarily because we want to see how old skis develop further, but because we want to check out the newest ski in this collection. The collection is Fischer Ranger, and the new ski is Fischer Ranger 102FR.

Ski test: Armada ARV 116 (Seson 2017 - 2018)

Widest skis from ARV series. We was interested in determining riding/jumping ratio: for what this skis are? Let's stop discussion and have a run on this skis.


Ski test: Head Cyclic 115 (season 2016-17)

Not new but updated skis from Head. Previous models had one problem with tail, so let's see is there any changes.


Ski test: K2 Marksman (season 2016-17)

Very interesting for test skis. Absolutely new model with unusual tecnical innovation. That is not a legasy of another skis from K2 and not a replacement. A brainchild of Pep Fujas, man who already has created several masterpieces. Let's try this skis on snow.


Ski test: Line Supernatural 115 (season 2016-17)

Quite cheap and because of that popular skis. Let's find out what is it: free cheese in the mouse trap or good option. We have conditions exacly for this skis.