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Ski Test: K2 iKonic 80Ti

In my opinion, K2 universals are not just a classic of the genre, but also quite standard skis and classics of this category. Until now, and since the end of production, quite a few years have passed, I remember the Speakers who were more than popular. But, nothing stands still. Neither good nor bad. Everything develops and changes. Something for the better, something in its direction. Today we are checking the development direction of the Konik series from K2 and, in particular, the 80Ti model. Go.


Ski Review: K2 iKonic

Today we are again talking about K2. Far not because this time there is something interesting to talk about, but only because there is an update in the line that you can talk about. But, that is the essence of the brand’s media behaviour: if you want to be heard - do new things. So, we are conceived, we do not have new equipment for the sake of solving the pressing problems of skiing, but simply new items for the sake of new products. And today, it seems to me, it will be a question of such a novelty.


Equipment Review: K2 Mindbender Boots

Today, every self-respecting company that produces ski boots must have universal boots for skiing and for a ski tour combining compatibility with TLT and Alpine mounts. And few people today will recall that it was K2, being far from a boot company, that were among the first to introduce such a solution. Since then, a lot of time has passed and it's time to change something in the models with which it all began in this direction. Moreover, there is a good reason for updating the boots - the new Mindbender ski series.

Ski Test: K2 Mindbender 90Ti

It is understandable why the soft allround freeride skis are so popular - such skis are good for both on- and off-piste skiing. The waist width of about 90 is perfect for a piste. If you want more freeride - just take a wider model. In comparison with stiffer on-piste, skis of this category allow smoother skiing on bumpy pistes as well as better control in general. That is why this category is one of the favourites among the most skiers. K2 had many decent skis for backside freeride and ski tourism but never really had allround freeride skis, what would be controllable, soft and dynamic.


Ski test: K2 Marksman (season 2016-17)

Very interesting for test skis. Absolutely new model with unusual tecnical innovation. That is not a legasy of another skis from K2 and not a replacement. A brainchild of Pep Fujas, man who already has created several masterpieces. Let's try this skis on snow.


Ski test: K2 Poacher (season 2016-17)

Interest to this skis is caused by the fact that they replaced the very successful model of skis from K2 - 102 Shreditor that this season was removed from production and replaced by these. During the test it is important to determine whether this model is successful replacement for Shreditor or they are absolutely different.


Ski test: K2 Speed Charger (season 2016-17)

Very interesting in testing skis because they are the updated version of quite a decent ski and it is interesting to understand that they bacome better and whether they have benefited this changes and improvements. Let's check them in action on the slopes.


Gear test: K2 iKonic 80ti (season 2016-17)

Today on the tests we have new K2 ski which was good in the last season.. Skis that pleassd not by statistical indicators of skiing but by a charge of fun and diversity in skiing. Let's check that K2 added to version of 16-17 season and whether they are same fun as they were last year.


Gear review: K2 All-Round skis collection (season 2016-17)

At first look, all-round skis from K2 in the 16-17 season have nothing new. All skis have been in the last season. But, nevertheless, there is a new - the distribution to ski categories and perception of all-round skis in the new format. This is new. Let's see what is the essence of the changes.


Gear review: K2 Marksman (season 2016-17)

The fact that K2 has completely no problem in the direction of skis for freeride should be obvious to everyone. Well, those who test them know about it. All areas of off-piste riding from ski-touring to slopestyle are now overlaped almost perfectly. Do I have to come up with something new if everything is more than excellent? It is necessary or not, but K2 did Marksman - new skis for freeride, new in every sense.