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Ski Rating: Frontside Freeride

The ski category for skiing within the ski resort, but without freedom restrictions, by the borders of the prepared tracks. With such skiing, stability at speed and good grip of edges on a hard or even ice slope are valuable, good vibration damping when riding on broken, rolled or heterogeneous snow, versatility in the style of skiing allows you to carve on the track and slip in good light snow after good snowfall. Skis should be universal in skiing and as effective as possible on soft or fresh snow, and on a hard slope.


Ski Rating: Long turn skis

A category of skis for skiing on prepared tracks with high-speed turns of medium and large radius. In such skis, stability at speed is appreciated, grip of edges on a hard icy slope, patency on a soft and broken track, variability along the turning radius.


Ski Rating: Short turn skis

Ski category for skiing on prepared tracks for short and very frequent turns. In these skis valued dynamics, spring and grip edges on a hard track. There are not only skis for slalom or SC category, but all skis that work in a short turn.


Equipment Review: Helmetex Odour Neutraliser

Alpine skiing is wonderful: great views, great company, relaxation, sun, fun and clean air. It seems that nothing can overshadow such a wonderful time. But exactly until the household and inventory issues begin. And here it turns out that skiing is still a sport, and sport is a load, load is sweat, and sweat, whether we like it or not, is an unpleasant smell. but can somehow unpleasantly defeat unpleasant odors of sportswear and shoes with little blood? We understand.

Ski Rating: Multipurpose skis

Skis of the category of universal wagons for skiing without restrictions on the style of skiing and turning radius on prepared tracks. For such skis, cross-country ability on a broken and grip on a hard icy track, stability at speed and manoeuvrability with dynamics in short corners, good arching and comfort in lateral slippage are important.


Ski Rating: Beginner Skis

Skis of the simplest and most common category - for skiing for the purpose of relaxation without a certain style, without a high level of technology, without aggression, without speed, but with pleasure. For skis of this category, ease of management, riding comfort, cross-country ability, independence from the quality of the preparation of the route and the snow conditions are important - skiing in any conditions should be a pleasure.


Ski Review: Kästle

Kastle is not at all popular and certainly not massive skiing in Russia, but popularity and interest in the modern world are not related things and despite its low popularity, these skis have always been very interesting in skiing. At a minimum, we didn’t come across any bad or uninteresting models on tests. Naturally, we can’t get past the lineup update and let's figure out what is new in the freeride ski category in the 2019-20 season.


Ski Review: Curv GT / S/Force Bold / Hero Plus Ti

After the fascination with soft all-terrain soft wagons in the format of narrower freeride skis, the ski world switched to a new passion - wide carves or, as they like to call them, groomers. The theoretical idea of ​​this category is not to lose in effectiveness on all conditions of the track from morning velveteen to evening cereal. In theory. In practice, everyone is looking for something different in them, but today we want to compare three bright representatives of this category and find out how they differ from each other.


Ski Test: Nordica GT 76Ti

Today, the tests are not the most interesting for me in terms of skiing, but interesting in terms of the changes that the manufacturer announced in them. The company of Nordic is personally pretty in many respects for me and I would like their skis to become more widespread and affordable for a larger number of skiers, which so far is not exactly working out. Well, we’re going to check on a test track that they got in a not very loyal state - both cool and harsh for amateur skis.


Ski Review: XDR 80Ti / Vantage 82 Ti / Rc One 82GT

The choice is not simple, but the choice among the best skis in the category is completely hopeless. But, one way or another, an attempt to figure out the choice and buy the “right” skis often leads to just such a dilemma: I studied the materiel, looked at an infinite number of ratings, made a list of the “best” skis and realized that it’s still a big problem to choose from the best ones, especially since two of the three also went out of production, and new ones replaced them ... But, we are not used to retreating and let's try to choose the best of three excellent universal skis.